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So it's Christmas and I'm sitting in front of my computer writing in my journal. What's wrong with this picture? Well....Christmas is boring. Nothing's open, everyone's either forced to spend time with their families or so stuffed full of food that they don't feel like drinking or doing anything. Oh and there's nothing good on TV. So I'm pretty much at my wits' end here.

Got some pretty cool stuff though, mostly movies since so many of my collection got destroyed on our last tour. Also got a couple cool t shirts, some gift cards to various places,  two big ass packs o'socks (my mom knows I can never have enough black socks, it's all I wear), candy, alcohol, etc. The best thing I think was the handmade battle axe from Jesse. Oh yeah, he's gotten me into LARPing. I am now an official dork. It's pretty cool though, you get to make stuff and run around and use your imagination, meet people, and there are kickass post-battle bonfire parties usually. Back in high school I always thought of people that do this stuff as total virgin nerds, but I stand corrected. I've met so many people with the same basic interests as me, everyone understands what I'm talking about which is strange but awesome. I'll probably be writing about this more later.

Things with the band are going well too. We didn't win the Toxie contest but we'll try again next year. Our next practice is sometime after the first of the year so we're gearing up for that. I'm still trying to keep my voice in shape, though. Got a new mic, it's fucking awesome and has all these cool settings on it, for distortion and echoes and stuff, so I can't wait to try it out at practice.

That's about all I can think of. Plus I'm getting tired already. Holiday blahs and it's not even all the way over yet.

horror rant

So I didn't think turning 27 would make me feel old, but apparently it can happen, especially when you hang around fourteen and fifteen year olds.

My mom's fiance Dave has two teenage nieces, and when they talk it's like they're speaking another language. I have no idea what they're saying half the time. They were here for the weekend and part of this week, and the whole time they were talking about this thing called Twilight. I thought it was a band, like some emo pop bullshit. So I was like, "Oh, what songs do they do?" And they looked at me like I was retarded. So did Dixon, who's apparently been a fan of the shit for a while now, like I even knew.

So then I had to listen to like a half an hour long girly rant about how Twilight was the best book/movie ever, and how hot this vampire dude named Edward was. Yeah, and from what they told me, these vampires don't even like turn to dust and die in the sunlight, like they're supposed to...they sparkle. Who the fuck sparkles in the sunlight? That's even worse than the vampires on True Blood. I like that show, don't get me wrong. But they're just fucking everything up. Why the hell would they even want synthetic blood? And vampire blood being taken like acid by humans? Come on, man.  What happened to the good old days, when vampires were bloodthirsty and powerful and didn't have, like, feelings?! Now it's just one big fucking boy band.

Horror in general is going downhill lately. I mean yeah, they're making semi-decent movies every now and again, but for the most part it sucks now. There's no more senseless blood and gore, no more originality. Everything and everyone has to be all sensitive now, or it's just a remake of a classic movie that's already been done right the first time (Rob Zombie's Halloween is the exception to this, he made it way more interesting). I guess what I'm trying to say is, we need another cult phenomenon that will bring horror back to how it used to be.....blood and guts and shit that will give you nightmares.

I'll never forget the first horror flick that gave me nightmares. Even when I was a kid, I didn't scare easily. I could watch stuff that teenagers I knew back then couldn't even handle (my big brother Kirby, namely). But when I was about eight or nine, I watched Jacob's Ladder for the first time. A lot of people don't really consider that a "horror" movie, but for an eight year old kid, it was pretty intense. I had nightmares for about three nights after I watched that, mostly about the part where they were wheeling him into that room, and there were these insane demonic looking people, and bloody body parts lying on the floor that they were just wheeling over like it was no big thing. I don't even remember how I ended up watching that movie, my mom would have had a fit over that. I guess I found it on cable really late at night when she was in bed or something.

So I guess that's all I have to say tonight. It's storming pretty hard anyway so I gotta get offline. Guess I'll go grab a beer, sit on the porch with Dixon and Jesse and watch the lightning.

happy birthday to me

yup....today is my birthday and i'm 27 years old. in three years i'll be thirty. weird.

i don't know what i'm doing yet, other than going out to eat with my mom and Dave. sometimes the guys aren't very good at remembering birthdays so im not really expecting anything, but it's cool. big deal birthdays are for little kids anyway. so i'll probably just end up getting really drunk and stoned, like i normally do.

Aug. 11th, 2009

So here's an update on plans for our next album, and other stuff.

I held a band meeting last week and told everyone about my Fisher King idea. None of them really wanted to devote a whole album to it, but said i could write a song about it if i wanted to. At first I was kind of disappointed. I mean, normally the guys go with all my ideas, but I guess the idea of a concept album itself, not even what it was based on, was a bit much for them.

But then, Jesse had this awesome idea: What if we were to all pick one or two of our favorite movies and base songs on them? And call the album "Demon Embryo Goes To The Movies." I thought it was a pretty sweet idea, and I don't think anyone's ever done that before. Also this way we could put our cover of the Toxic Crusaders theme on the album, even though it's not an original song it's still movie related. So if we lose the contest with Troma it won't be all for nothing. We had Josh look into all the legal bullshit and apparently as long as you don't use any copyrighted material, like titles of the movies, you can write song lyrics about it without getting sued.

Of course LB and Dwayne thought the idea was kind of cheesy, but once they saw my FK lyrics they were all for it. As long as we make everything brutal and pick decent movies, it'll be subtle enough to where it won't come off like some commercial for old ass fucking movies. We haven't decided on a list yet, but we're working on it. I'm not surprised that this idea came from Jesse.....he came up with our name, back in the beginning when we first got together.

Well, gotta go through my DVD and old school VHS collections. Should take me, oh, about a week. But it's way worth it. I haven't been psyched about a project since our first album.

One of those time waster things

Thursday nights are boring and suck ass. So here's this thing.

THREE NAMES YOU GO BY: Quinn, uh....that's it, no one really calls me anything else. One kid in high school thought he'd try to be clever and call me "Fuckner" but I made sure something bad happened to him.

THREE SCREEN NAMES YOU'VE HAD: this one, my old AIM one (cannibaldiamond666) and my old Yahoo (fivenailstotheneck)

THREE THINGS YOU'VE DONE IN THE LAST 33 MINUTES: Took a piss, got a drink, looked up some music online

THREE THINGS YOU LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF: I can sing/growl/whatever really good, I'm good in bed (so I'm told), and if anyone needs me I'll be there for them no questions asked.

THREE THINGS YOU DISLIKE ABOUT YOURSELF: my stupid weight, my dumb face, my huge man hands.

THREE PARTS OF YOUR ORIGINS: 1. My dad's a shaman who lives on a Cherokee Indian reservation in Tennessee. 2. My mom's Irish with some sort of weird gypsy mixed in. 3. They fucked and made me, and I look both Cherokee and gypsy.

THREE THINGS YOU'RE AFRAID OF: Something happening to the people I care about, not being able to do the things I love anymore, and heights suck too.

THREE THINGS YOU ARE WEARING RIGHT NOW: black t-shirt that says "I've been Tromatized!" with Toxie's face on it, my old thrashed up camo sweatpants, and I guess my ear plugs.

THREE OF YOUR EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS: water bottle, laptop, cell phone


THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE BANDS: King Diamond, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide

THREE WAYS TO BE HAPPY: listen to music, watch a stupid movie, hang out with the guys

THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE SONGS AT PRESENT: Damn i hate these! I have way more than three favorite songs. Okay here goes" "Make them Suffer by Cannibal Corpse, "Amerika The Brutal" by Six Feet Under, and (sorry to be egotistical here) my own band's cover of the Toxic Crusaders theme song (we're trying to get it on the next Toxie flick!)

THREE NEW THINGS YOU WANT TO TRY IN THE NEXT 12 MONTHS: Playing paintball with Jesse, taking skateboarding back up again, and painting.

THREE THINGS YOU REGRET: Maybe not trying harder in school sometimes, going out with some of my past girlfriends, letting my temper get the better of me.

THREE THINGS YOU WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP: unconditional love, trust, to actually have stuff in common with the other person.


TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (in order): I like wolves and bears, I sleep a lot, I don't eat that much. (even if you mixed them up you'd know what the lie was there! lol)


THREE EMOTIONAL THINGS YOU LIKE IN THE OPPOSITE SEX: sense of humor, personality, affection

THREE THINGS YOU JUST CAN'T DO: skydive, watch romantic girly movies, pay attention

THREE THINGS YOU MISS FROM YOUR PAST: my grandparents, my old car.

THREE GIFTS YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE: For me and the guys to win this Troma theme contest, a bag of weed, a new hoodie.

THREE REASONS WHY YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE: I don't apologize unless I know I've really fucked up, I don't care what anyone thinks other than people I care about, I love everything I do in my life and don't compromise any of it for anyone.

THREE OF YOU YOUR FAVOURITE HOBBIES: reading, writing, being an idiot

THREE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO REALLY BADLY RIGHT NOW: Hang out with someone, eat, listen to something completely new and original that will blow my fucking mind.

THREE CAREERS YOU'RE CONSIDERING: none, i have a great career: metal.

THREE PLACES YOU WANT TO GO FOR HOLIDAY: the mountains, the beach, someplace really cool like Stonehenge.

THREE CARTOON CHARACTERS: Spongebob Squarepants, Toxie (they made a cartoon out of him), Michaelangelo (Ninja Turtles)

THREE BOY’S NAMES: Dixon, Jesse, Dwayne

THREE GIRL'S NAMES: Katie, Chloe, Sinead (Spazz's real name....she'd kill me if she knew I put that on here, hehe.)

THREE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE: rock climbing (i have no idea why i want to, either, it looks hard), get a Golden God award, pose for Playboy (hey it could happen, right? heh, yeah right.)



these last few days i've had an idea that will just not leave me the fuck alone. and it sounds like the dumbest fucking idea to anyone that doesn't know the story.

i have really weird taste in movies. i like 80's movies generally. the 80's were such a simpler fucking time. no one was fucking scared about terrorists, we weren't at war with anyone (not really, the Cold War doesn't count in my opinion), and all we cared about was the environment, crappy music and saying no to drugs. well some of us cared about that last one. not my mom, lol. she's been smoking weed since she was like fourteen years old.

but anyway, one of the best and most underrated movies from back then was The Fisher King, with Robin Williams. It's been a favorite of mine for a long time. If you've never seen it, it's about a douchebag radio jock who tells some guy on the radio that yuppies are evil and need to be stopped, so the guy goes and shoots up a diner in new york city and kills a bunch of people. so three years later, the radio douche has no job and is a drunk who's sponging off his girlfriend, so he gets real drunk and is attacked by assholes, and a bunch of homless guys save him. so he makes friends with one of them and finds out that the guy who killed all those people killed the homeless guy's wife, and now the guy's crazy and thinks he sees this red knight following him and that he's on a quest to steal the Holy Grail from some rich dude's house.So the radio guy tries to help the homeless guy out. I won't tell you the whole entire movie but you get the idea.

i owe a lot to this movie in my life. well and Troma also, but usually when things are really, really crappy i watch The Fisher King because it makes me think about all the things in life that I take for granted and that it could be a hell of a lot worse, and that maybe intead of wallowing in self pity i should be happy and try to help out others who have it way worse off than i do. so because of that i wanted to do a concept album based on the movie for Demon Embryo's next album. i think it would be really.....well maybe not different since it is someone else's story, but not the same kind of thing most bands do an album about. i mean there are no demons or monsters or guts, just....personal demons i guess. which are the worst of them all. I mean think about it: Robin Williams' character used to have a great life....a good job, a hot wife, everything you could ever want. but some fucked up psycho misinterpereted what an asshole radio dude said and three years later he's living in garbage and hallucinating. if that's not brutal i don't know what is.

the guys and i have never done a concept album. so i dont know if they'll be cool with this idea or not. most of the time in bands (other bands i know personally and won't mention names) whoever writes the lyrics will strongarm the rest of the band into going along with them. i don't do that....if the guys aren't cool with it, neither am i. but this one's sort of important to me, so i really hope they'll be on board.

okay FINE, one more entry.

OKay so Jesse just walked in and saw that I have a LJ now, and he saw my little header thingy, and totally wants me to tell the story behind it. and the subheader.....thing. i don't know what things are called. yeah like that's something new.

So we were on tour (going to Phoenix Ar. which is an amazing city btw, and so many beautiful women there!!! you should go, like, now.), it was like the middle of the night and none of us were really trying to sleep at all except Dixon, who hadn't been feeling too good all day. He kept lying down and trying to sleep but two things kept him awake. One was us in the little rec room of the bus, getting totally smashed and playing Jesse's Wii. The other was that something kept crawling on him but it was pitch fucking black in that part of the bus. He kept on getting up and looking for whatever it was but he couldn't find it.

So he was lying down finally when we all came out of the rec room drunk off our asses and hyper as fuck. We were all talking and he sort of chimed in complaining about how he kept trying to sleep but something kept crawling on him (we'd found roaches on the bus like the week before and the whole thing had to be bombed. that sucked because we had to take out all our shit and wait outside the bus for fucking hours). so we all started bitching about how the roaches were back and we'd probably have to bomb again.

And out of nowhere in the middle of all our drunk blabbering, we all hear "HOLY FUCKBALLS, IT'S A SPIDER!!!!" Then Dixon shoots up out of his seat and starts jumping up and down and thrashing around waving his hands and shit. As if you couldn't tell he fucking hates spiders and bugs and stuff. For some reason I was so fucked up that this was the funniest fucking thing in the world to me, and I just went down on the ground laughing my fucking ass almost into a coma. I laughed so hard I literally got scared because I thought my head was seriously gonna explode. But you know how that is, every fucked up thought you have after the one that originally made you laugh, just makes you laugh even harder. And if there are other fucked up people in the room they're gonna start laughing too.

So now everyone's laughing and no one helping poor Dixon who's having a nervous fucking breakdown because there was a spider on him. But we did get the spider in the end. Dwayne ate it. No, I'm serious, he ate it. And he made Jesse throw up when he did it.

So there's my story about the spider quote. Oh, and the "Uh.....What." is just what I say normally when I'm at a loss for words. Which I usually am.

1st entry

i haven't kept a journal since high school, so this feels a little weird. but since all i write in my notebooks now are song lyrics i guess keeping a blog or whatever is good. although i might test out lyrics here too sometimes, but i dunno yet.

so anyway, i'm Quinn. like it says in my little bio thingy i'm in a band. we're called Demon Embryo and I'm the vocalist. all my best friends are in the band too. i've known the guys since high school.....well, i've known Dixon and LB since like elementary school, then met Jesse and Dwayne when i hit high school. we just got back from a pretty crazy tour called South Of Metal (all bands from the South like us). there were shitloads of bands there and every day was like one big fucking party. i'll probably be posting stories about it every now and then, but right now i'm still kind of unwinding from being on overload every day so i can't pick out like just two or three stories that are the best.

anyway, right now the band's kind of taking a chill break. there are other metal fests this summer so we wanna go see some of those, plus we're just fucking tired, so we're gonna rest for a few months, maybe more, then get together and talk about out next album. i already have a few ideas, one of them based on a favorite movie of mine. not a horror one, either. i don't want to say too much yet, but it should be a challenge writing a metal song about a movie that's not like horror or anything.

there's a lot more stuff about me that i want to write about here, but i'll get around to it later. too much info all at once can hurt your brain. so i guess i'll close here. but i'll be back.


yes i know my initials spell out Queef. get it out of your system.